Black Stump NZ Bushcraft, Wilderness Survival & bow hunting school that specializes in teaching you the vital skills required to survive in the wild.

There are a few great Bushcraft schools out there and we have gained our qualifications with one of the best,

But we offer something different to the others, we have a purpose built base camp set in 22 aches of native bush our base camp has a bush kitchen toilet, covered fire pit a shelter building area, trapping area & more we run the courses in the natural surroundings where these skills are relevant.

There are many regular hikers that although they have a lot of hours out hiking, may have little knowledge about Bushcraft and how to react in a genuine emergency situation. So we run small informal courses which are a completely hands on experience.

We want you to be as involved as much as you want to be, so rather than us just giving a lecture we get you joining in on everything we do, so it’s theory and practical at the same time. We specialize in ‘One on One’ training where you can have our undivided attention. The tutoring can be much more in-depth but the bushcraft courses we run there are 10 spaces only on each course date.

At Blackstump NZ we know knowledge is the key so after a course with us, if the worst should happen when you are out on a hike you will be able to get yourself and others out of danger without panicking.