Black Stump NZ Bushcraft & Wilderness Survival

My name is Avyn and I started up Black Stump Bushcraft purely from a love of Bushcraft, hiking and nature that I have spent my life time enjoying. Growing up in New Zealand almost my entire childhood was spent playing in the forest. As I grew older the games naturally turned to hunting, tracking, trapping and foraging which then led to hiking and wild camping. Bushcraft is a subject you can never know everything about, you are always learning something new and the skills evolve over time spent outdoors.

Another reason for creating Black Stump Bushcraft was after meeting and talking to lot of like minded hikers I realized that although they went out a lot they stuck to only hiking from point A to point B. They did not travel too far off the beaten track mainly because of a lack of skills, be it navigational, survival or bushcraft so their enjoyment and experiences were limited by their need to remain in a safe physical and mental zone. At Blackstump we aim to teach people that with the right knowledge and skills you can push your self far beyond what you think you can achieve without putting your self or others in danger. You can read a ton of books but if you have never spent time putting what you have learnt into practice, it is basically dead information.

Once you start using these skills in the wild, over time they will become second nature to you and you’ll start to see your surroundings in a different way. Spruce tree root becomes natural cordage for securing parts of a shelter together or binding a willow fish trap, other roots are edible. A certain leaf can make an effective insect bite relief or a Tea, a fungus found on dead Ash trees becomes extremely useful when making a fire, burning like hot coal just from a hot ember created by a bow drill, or a spark from a steel and flint on to a piece of char cloth. The more tested skills you have, the less equipment you need to carry, and what you do carry becomes a lot more useful and important to you. A knife is not just a knife, it becomes a carving tool, its for making natural rope and cord, for butchering wild game, creating a spark on a ferrocerium rod and for preparing firewood.

So after years of practicing these skills I have since trained professionally with a highly reputable Bushcraft and Survival School in the U.K and have gained my Survival Instructors qualifications. Certificates include Level 2 Bushcraft,16 hour remote First Aid responder, 5 day Wayfarers wilderness living, level 3 Axe Proficiency level 3 Primitive Weapons & Crafts level 3 Tracking Level 3 Foraging certificates.

Fire lighting is a big part of bushcraft & in a survival scenario it can make the difference between life & death like every thing it is about knowledge and practice knowing as many different methods as possible, friction fires, flint & steel, fire steel, feather sticks, tinder bundles all play their part in fire lighting in different conditions.

In a survival scenario you will need to get a fire going as quickly & effortlessly as possible there are many tricks you can use that are not traditional and we cover many of these on our courses.

Practice as much as you can in different conditions & remember you are more likely to need a fire going in cold wet miserable weather so that is the ideal situation to practice for.