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Bow Hunting Course

This is a 3 day course designed for anyone new to archery that wants to progress into bow hunting & learn the skills needed to spend any length of time out in the bush. On this course day 1 is spent in base camp where we have a purpose built range with 3D Boar & Deer targets to go over different scenario's associated with bow hunting in heavy dense ground cover, stalking techniques & shot placement. While in base camp we also cover map reading & compass work & a few other natural methods of navigation as well as other wilderness skills like fire lighting different camp set ups ( tarps & shelters) & basic first aid.

There is a big emphasis on tracking with this course & we have a lot of game trails around base camp which are frequently used by wild Pigs so a big part of day 1 is spent learning how to read the signs left behind by game animals also we go over some basic bushcraft skills to give you a good base level of knowledge to get out into the bush bow hunting safely.


Day 2 we head out into the surrounding forest on a live bow hunt where the skills learnt on the previous day are put into practice the terrain is hard going so you need to be physically fit & pack light but it is full of wild pigs, we spend the full day tracking & hunting then make camp in the afternoon to head out before dusk as this is prime time for game movement after dark we head back to the bush camp to relax for the evening & cover any questions from the day.

Day 3 early start before dawn to catch any thing on the move before sun rise as dawn & dusk are the opportune moments. The rest of the day is spent covering every thing from the previous 2 days tracking, print recognition, navigation, camp set ups & more the entire day is spent out in forest & generally return back to base camp after dark were you can either end the course there or spend another night at our base camp & depart the next day.

This is a specialized course designed only for bow hunting. We dont use fire arms & we dont hire bows out you need to have your own bow set up & legally your set has to be 45lb & over.
This course is not on our booking page as it is priced according to your specifications & we dont take any more than 3 people at a time usually we like to keep the booking numbers at 1-2 & only offer this course once a month as we want to protect the local area from being over hunted so if you are interested in this course please use the contacts page to email for more info.

We provide a pick up/drop off service from central Whangarei for out of town customers as our base camp is in very remote area please email us if you are interested in using this service.