Black Stump NZ

The ultimate in Bushcraft & Wilderness Survival

Kids Bushcraft Course

1 Day course 9am - 4pm

This bushcraft course is designed to get parents & kids out in the bush learning new skills & working together we have designed this course to be a fun bonding experience for everyone

Quick Safety briefing & introduction to our base camp
get your hands and your boots dirty with your kids
shelter building
fire light techniques

Trapping basics

wood carving skills

forest walks learning about different tree's and plants
And some survival knowledge & tricks thrown in

For this course all attending will need warm outdoor clothing, wet weather gear, good shoes or boots, lunch and snacks we supply all the equipment that is needed to build shelters traps and all the fire llighting equipment

Our base camp has a bush kitchen toilet fire pit & enough parking for more than 10 cars it is safe and secure but the car park works on first in last out

this Bushcraft designed for parents and kids to get out into the bush and enjoy nature it teaches basic traditional skills that our grandparents and great grandparents would have used all children must be accompanied by a guardian or parent and adults without children can not book on this course we have other courses you can book on, for the family discount of 2 x adults and up to 4 x kids just book 6 bookings and use the discount coupon code "FAMILY" and your discount will be added to your total at the check out.

Our aim at Blackstump is to teach you that Bushcraft can be one of the greatest journeys we can take and the skills that you can learn are a big part of our history and to respect nature because without it, we are lost.

With the right knowledge and understanding of these situations you can not only keep your self out of danger but you never know when you may be able to help others.

There's more we teach on this course but this is just a brief description.

If you are interested in seeing some of what we teach on our bushcraft course then click on the You Tube link at the left of the page we have a good selection of bushcraft videos on our channel.