Black Stump NZ

The ultimate in Bushcraft & Wilderness Survival

Weekend Bushcraft Course

Starts 9am Saturday until 4pm Sunday

There is plenty of parking at our base camp that is safe and secure or meet at Laurie Hall car park by the war memorial in central Whangarei to be picked up by us if you are driving let us know when you book and I will let you know details for GPS or Sat Nav

Day 1 quick Safety briefing & introduction to our new location set in 22 acres of New Zealand's finest native bush,
you then go set up your camp for the next two days
We start with a brief on the most common bushcraft tools there uses and the pro's and cons of the equipment you will be using over the next two days, knife and axe safety, different sharpening techniques and some basic carving techniques.then we head up to our shelter building area

A frame shelter, Lean to, Debris shelter, jungle bed and more
We also go over raised beds, thermal walls & carving pot hangers
Foraging tips and tricks for fire lighting feather sticks, tinder bundles & different natural tinder
Then we go over some basic carving techniques for how to make trap parts

Water purification & how to use different purification devices pro's and cons and natural methods to filter & purify
Foraging basics a quick run down on some basic foraging
Then its into fire lighting techniques using the days collection of tinder where everyone gets to have a go at as many different fire lighting methods as you like we cover traditional and non traditional methods
Debrief on days classes and relax for the evening we have a bush kitchen where you can prepare your evening meals and a covered fire pit you can relax around

Day 2 early start after breakfast

Game tracking we start early to go out & try track and spot any animals out at dawn which leads up to our purpose built trapping area for any signs
How to make a live capture trap
How to make a figure 4 trap
How to set foot holds for possums
How to set snares for Rabbit and other small game
Pressure plate, tree snare's, trip wire and different primitive trapping methods

Natural navigation methods and some old school back to basics navigation methods
Break down forest camp & debrief on any subjects you have questions on before dropping
you back at designated meeting place in central Whangarei by 4PM

The Bushcraft course is designed to give you a good knowledge base and skill level to just go out and enjoy nature, it is mentally and physically challenging, designed for anyone new to bushcraft who wants to have a good solid knowledge base to start from.

Our aim at Blackstump is to teach you that Bushcraft can be one of the greatest journeys we can take and the skills that you can learn are a big part of our history and to respect nature because without it, we are lost.

There's more we teach on this course but this is just a brief description.

If you are interested in seeing some of what we teach on our bushcraft course then click on the You Tube link at the left of the page we have a good selection of bushcraft videos on our channel.