Black Stump 24 Hour Ration Packs

Black Stump 24 hour ration packs

one of the major difference between us and other bushcraft companies is the ration packs we have spent 4 years developing these 24 hour ration packs and based them around what the army issues its troops (MRE) but these are 100% better, I've spent more than 10 years working in commercial Kitchens and have vacuum pack machines dehydrators and cooking equipment that most people don't I have a level 3 Health & hygiene certificate, all the main meals are produced without the use of preservatives E numbers or any chemical additives, the process we use is unique to us the meals are then double vacuum packed inside two foil pouches that are sealed air tight in vacuum pack machines they are light weight compact and use minimal water also the meals are eaten straight out of the pouch to minimize any chance of cross contamination out in the field by cooking equipment not being cleaned properly.)
We developed these so that instead of you having to bring heavy over processed canned goods or horrible expensive freeze dried meals from a camping store which are never good.

We can tell you every ingredient that has gone into them they are high in energy protein and carbs but low in saturated fats and we make 95% of the pack ourselves (obviously not the coffee, hot chocolate or soup sachet) we believe that after a long day hiking and learning that an amazing meal at the end of the day can be a massive boast to your morale and your experience

We've also developed them so they are low in weight because all meal portions after cooked are put into a commercial dehydrator so they need very little preparation out on a hike, all you need to do is heat a small amount of water on a camping stove when the water is boiling pour it into the foil pouch reseal the top and leave for 10 minutes and thats it a hot nutritous meal that tastes good another major advantage of our ration packs is minimal rubbish. you eat the meal straight out of the pouch then just fold it up and bag it that's it no empty cans to carry around and zero water wastage from having to wash out your eating equipment after..


Although we dont condone illegal hunting or poaching in an emergency situation snares can prove an effective way to catch wild game if set right and you know what animal tracks to look for they can provide you with a good source of food but they do catch game indiscriminately so you need to know what you are doing and as with all hunting you need the land owners permission to set this type of trap, we teach you where to set them & how to set them but we never leave them unattended